Design Consulting

We offer consulting services for a variety of disciplines in the technology field including but not limited to: IT, AV, and Security Systems.

Systems Integration

Our system engineers provide custom programming, which allows us to quickly customize solutions that meet each customer's unique requirements.

Project Management

Our PMP-certified process produces clear construction documents, resulting in fewer change orders, a tighter schedule, and competitive subcontractor pricing.


Time is Money...

Do you have the money to pay for projects twice?    No!  Then don't settle for poorly defined projects that result in redesign and rework before the project is delivered.

Our highly technical team has decades of industry experience leading multi-million dollar technology projects for Fortune 500 and Government organizations.

Let us do it right the first time!

Requirements begin with people.

Any project must meet the organizational needs.   If the team members do not find the solution intuitive and efficient, then the project is not a success.

A consultant led project will help define quality requirements in the beginning by analyzing the needs of the team and designing the technology to support them, not hinder.


Next Steps...

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